Anna Riley research 2013 published

Summary outline of research project 2005

Bereavement in childhood poster

From groups of young people in England & Wales:

“It releases your feelings and guides you through the bereavement.” James aged 15

“I like coming to Seasons so I can tell my story.” Girl aged 7

“It is OK to feel sad and angry.” Rhian aged 10

“I learnt to take care of my feelings.” Girl aged 6

From parents/carers:

“Thomas is more confident in himself.” Parent of Thomas aged 7

“My son is less angry and seems to be doing better at school.” Parent of a boy aged 8

“I think that this has helped him to understand and be able to cope with situations without feeling that he is at fault.” Parent of child aged 6

“Thank you for giving my son back.” Parent of child aged 7

From Companions/Teachers:

“This programme really does give the children the space and time they need to talk about their losses and so helps them not feel so alone.” Fiona – Companion in North Wales

“The children now have the courage to raise issues about their fathers that had never been addressed.” Deputy Head – South London

Seasons for Growth is sound, effective evidence-based practice. I have watched children of all ages ‘grow’ as their self-esteem builds and they start to make sense of what has happened in their lives.” Elaine – Companion in Hillingdon

“The children learnt to listen to each other and understand that others too have experienced loss and how Seasons helped them to have happy feelings again.” Companion in Cheshire

Endorsements for Seasons for Growth

“The manuals and journals are thorough and very comprehensive but in an easy to use format. So many children and young people experience loss through family breakdown and will require very similar support to those who journey through the grief of bereavement. I think this is an excellent idea to combine these two areas and to normalise these experiences in a focused way that is aimed at life enriching learning and development.”

Rosie Midson, End of Life Care Manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Seasons for Growth is an integral part of our work at our school. The Ofsted inspectors also endorsed this by saying ‘Faith in action is found in the Seasons for Growth programme and also the care and support provided for sick and bereaved members of the school through the Seasons for Growth project is outstanding’.”

Paul Patrick, Headteacher, The Cardinal Wiseman School

“The Seasons for Growth initiative has now been successfully implemented in our school for two years and forms an integral part of our emotional support programme.”

Phil Gallagher, Headteacher, Ysgol Bryn Hedydd

“Despite their many privileges compared with earlier generations our children and young people face many and grave problems. Seasons for Growth offers sensible, practical and tested solutions. It provides help for children and young people when they need it, where they need it and in a fashion which they can adopt and use as their own.”

Prof. David Marsland, Emeritus Professor, Brunel University