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What is involved in the Seasons for Growth Adult Programme?

The Seasons for Growth Adult Programme was developed to complement the highly successful Young People’s Programme and in response to the constant demand for a quality resource to support adults to understand and manage the painful realities of change, loss and grief.

Research has shown that children cope with loss to the extent their care givers are coping with similar losses.

The programme works by promoting mental health and psychological competence at an early stage of a person having difficulty dealing with change.  It is recognised as an effective early intervention, a tool for promoting mental health with application in a variety of settings.

Who is it for?

The Seasons for Growth Adult Programme was developed for people who would like support in dealing with issues of loss such as:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Unemployment
  • Separation
  • Illness
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Other significant life events

Many professionals working with children and young people who have experienced loss have found the programme helpful for themselves as well as for parents and carers.

How does the adult programme work?

Key beliefs of the adult programme include:

  • Adults, as well as young people, need to be provided with the opportunity to examine how loss and grief have impacted on their lives.
  • The key to supporting others through the experience of grief is to be ‘at home’ with one’s own experiences of loss.

There are two options in the adult programme:

Option one – 1 Day Seminar

The Understanding Change, Loss and Grief seminar is designed for use in a wide variety of contexts where groups and individuals are seeking to deepen their general understanding of the nature and impact of change, loss and grief on their lives or in the workplace.

Option two – Sessional Small Group Workshop

The Exploring the Seasons of Grief small group programme is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the impact of loss and grief on an individual’s wellbeing. This workshop can be delivered over 4 or 8 weekly sessions, or in a 2 day ‘retreat style’ intensive.